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Lullaby Stories


From the minute she arrived Anne was so caring towards us and our daughter we knew that our little one was in safe hands. Anne has a wealth of experience in caring for the smallest babies & those with complex problems and has always looked after our daughter as if she was her own. We now see Anne as practically a member of our family and I can honestly say I don’t know what we would have done without her in those first few months.


Thank you for sending us Jo. Getting a few hours together as a couple is priceless.


Just a quick note to say Sylvia was super last night. Think both us and the babies got the good nights sleep we needed. Great tips as well.


Our first impression of Pauline (over skype) was of a caring and understanding person that was at the same time professional and respectful with our needs. When she arrived it was as if Mary Poppins was floating down from the clouds.
At the time when Pauline arrived all we had planned had gone wrong. Our expectations of pregnancy and delivery where not what we expected and the first week was much harder than we expected. Our baby wasn’t sleeping more than 30 min and we didn’t sleep much either; taking turns to take care of her all night and day.
Pauline is a very friendly, experienced and caring nurse that changed our life. We are eternally grateful for her help. We would recommend her to anybody who wants to train their baby to sleep and feed well.”


After nearly 2 and a half years of sleepless nights we now have a little boy sleeping through the night! Boyd was our third little boy so we were not rookies at this parenting game but now realise the importance of maintaining a certain routine.
Pauline was very sympathetic,non judgemental and understanding of our situation and I never felt that the process was going to be a daunting one, I just went with a positive approach and the method we used was absolutely non stressful for both myself and Boyd. Since we successfully got Boyd sleeping his behaviour and eating have improved and I really feel like we have got our life back on track, sleep deprivation can be very destructive to your physical and mental health and so I feel like a new person and the overall household is a happier, more productive one.


Before our baby arrived my wife developed a complication that resulted in her being suddenly induced and our daughter being delivered via c-section at 38 weeks. We returned home with a new born and my wife coping with the after-effects of major surgery – needless to say I struggled to cope and at times felt overwhelmed. Pauline was not due to start with us for another month but provided us lots of guidance and support before she arrived.
Once Pauline arrived she actively encouraged us to go out whilst she looked after our daughter and helped bring a little normalcy to us. She was also quick to diagnose our daughter with a lactose intolerance and helped us understand how this should be managed.
On Pauline’s second visit she helped our daughter drop her night feeds and got her sleeping from 8pm – 7am so regularly we were able to go on holiday to California were she did not wake once in the night.
Pauline is a font of knowledge – full of useful tips and advice of what to use and buy for a new born. I cannot recommend her highly enough!


I was new to the concept of Maternity nursing (and a bit sceptical at first) but with a previously complicated birth and an ill mother I wanted to book in some extra support. From the moment she arrived we knew we’d made an excellent decision.
Pauline took control in a most un-pushy way, giving us complete confidence in her experience and wisdom. She made it very easy to understand her methods and made it clear that she was open to our own requests – not that we felt the need to make any.


Pauline came to help us for 4 weeks after our second child was born. Not only was she a wonderful help and support in helping us care for our baby daughter but she was fantastic with our 2 year old son who still asks after her now.
It was so important to us to have someone who would interact well with our toddler as well as looking after the baby and Pauline was invaluable in making the transition from one to two children as smooth as possible


“My experience with Pauline has been excellent. I contacted her after a terrible few weeks of my 4 month old baby waking every 90mins-2hrs at night with no end in sight. I emailed Lullaby Nannies, Pauline phoned me that day and by the following week I had a specific and detailed sleep plan for my baby. We saw results the first day we implemented it. Pauline went above and beyond to offer advice before we started, during and afterwards, talking us through every detail and explaining the method behind it. It was reassuring to know she was just a text message away whenever I felt panicked!”


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