Signs & Signals your baby is ready to wean 


  1. Has your baby lost the tongue thrust reflex? This is essential! You cannot give a baby purées or any other food with this reflex present. They are not developmentally ready until it has gone.
  2. Can your baby hold their head up? This is also essential. Babies need to have good head and neck control to feed in an upright position.
  3. Is your baby watching you or others when eating? Typically babies become very interested food and will often be engrossed at mealtimes.
  4. Is your baby constantly chewing on their hands or putting other objects in their mouths. This is often mistaken for teething alone, however it is also important practice for chewing and biting food. An important part of oral development.
  5. Is your baby who was previously sleeping through started to waken for night feeds again? Or has night feeding increased? Are they still hungry after daytime feeds? Not getting enough calories in is one of the strongest signals to needing solid foods your baby can give you. Sometimes the 4 month sleep regression is simply down to hunger.
  6. Is your baby’s growth static or decreasing. Babies grow at an incredible rate in these months and calorie intake needs to increase to keep up with that demand or they simply won’t continue to grow on the same healthy trajectory.


If you baby is showing you a few or most of the above signs and signals they are probably ready to start weaning.

Every baby’s growth and development timeline is slightly different. Some babies will happily wait until the 6 month stage and other babies need those extra calories and nutrients from as early as 17 weeks. It is perfectly safe to wean a baby from 17 weeks but never before. Your babies entire digestive and renal system is mature and ready for first foods at this age.

After 6 months of age milk feeds are no longer enough to meet your baby’s nutritional needs. At this age you it is also essential to add vitamin c into your baby’s diet to aid that all important iron absorption. One cup of pure orange juice/cooled boiled water mixture is recommend. 5mls of orange diluted in 50mls of water is suffice. And of course if you are breastfeeding vitamin a & d supplements should also be continued with. You will also need to include at least two iron rich meals per day. For example a fortified baby breakfast porridge plus green vegetables at lunch or dinner.

If your baby is ready to wean but you don’t know where to start we have an easy step by step weaning guide in our online courses section that makes it really simple (and enjoyable!) for parents.


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