If you have already tried more frequent feeding (and by that I do mean staying home for a day or two and doing nothing but constant breastfeeding). And/or by making sure your breasts are empty after every feed with a breast pump;

These are some of my tried and tested breastmilk builder uppers!

  • WATER WATER AND MORE WATER!!! Stay hydrated always! Keep a bottle you can swig from easily at your side when feeding
  • OAT BISCUITS – oats have been proven to improve supply it a well known milk maker
  • NUTS- full of good fats a great snack
  • CAKE!! My favourite one! On every maternity nurse job with my gorgeous new mothers I turn into a bit of a feeder! I encourage the daily consumption of cake and cupcakes as I have found they are excellent for making high quality full fat milk! They have fat and sugar a plenty and that’s exactly what you need to make lovely creamy milk.
  • FENUGREEK – When all else fails hit the fenugreek – again this is a well known breastmilk increaser. There is solid science behind this. In short milk ducts are a modified sweat gland (very modified!!) and fenugreek is a herb that works by stimulating sweat production. Take only as per instructions given with the capsules do not be tempted to take more than the dose advised as that can result in engorgement which is very painful and your over full breasts could shut up shop meaning your baby won’t get any milk and you will be in agony!!!!!

On that rather scary note – If you are still having supply issues after trying all of these tricks it might be of benefit to speak with a lactation consultant.

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